Poetry by Husein Taherbhai

“An Approach to Veganism”
             By Husein Taherbhai

The stomach growls
awaiting an input
on platterful of expectations
like the triangularly cut toast
with the raspberry red jam that covers
the guilt of fresh yellow butter
from eyes that warn of cholesterol,
assailing the nostrils with the sizzle of bacon
and the splutter of the sunny-side-up cooking
while the aroma of dark-roast coffee percolates
as I patiently await the first cup,
reading the newspaper, unfolding
to turn meaningful messages that motivate
to stop the squeal of a pig in helplessness,
the rebooting of old thoughts with scientific knowledge,
modifying leftover life yet to produce,
like the leftover bread ignored to harden as rock,
cleverly transformed to croutons
placed over the lunchtime smoked salmon salad,
producing crunchy sounds
like my dog making crack-crack noises,
crushing the bone with powerful jaws,
making me desireful for a difference
that has no creature left dead on my plate,
preparing oilless protein-saturated lentil soup and baked tofu
in the company of a kaleidoscopic vegan dish of mixed veggies
to conquer life on a cushion of wellness,
moving it forward in healthy colorful harmony
to realign each breakfast, lunch, and dinner
to a single non-meaty version---
all heart healthy, all after the morning workout,  
all striving to make me live long.

About Husein Taherbhai, Ph.D. in his own words: I am a retired Principal Research Scientist in the field of psychometrics. After my retirement, I have spent most of my time painting and writing. I have several stories and books which, except for one 400+ page non-fiction and my technical papers, are all fictions. Recently, because of a renewed interest in keeping good health, I am trying to be a vegetarian. This new lifestyle change is hard for me, but luckily, I have my brother, Dr. Akil Taher, MD., who is an ardent promoter of a healthy lifestyle, giving me scientific reasons for the vegan diet. Also, I am grateful for the support of friends and family, many of whom are vegetarians. Other than that, I look into the eyes of my Australian Heeler dog to be convinced in trying to practice a meatless diet. This generalized poem about a transfer to a vegan lifestyle is a tribute to those who, like me, are trying to get to a healthy lifestyle. 

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