Poems by Gurleen Insan

“Voice of Voiceless”
             By Gurleen Insan

If running from getting slaughtered is a sin
Yes, I have committed a sin
I may be a cow, a voiceless being
but I am a life created by the very same
who created everyone
I know I may get caught again
I know I may lose my life
but I still wanted to take the risk
for the very life that is dear to me
because I could see and smell blood everywhere
and saw the monstrous machines killing my friends
and their screams were tearing my heart
but those monsters never stopped
until there was deadly silence
I pleaded, I cried, but nobody listened
so when I got the chance, I ran
and saved myself from the scary hands
that were coming towards me
to tell me that now it was my turn
to get slaughtered and sacrifice myself
just for becoming someone’s food
I ask this question to everyone,
to whoever can listen to me, to an innocent soul
can’t food be made without taking lives?

“Two Corpses”
             By Gurleen Insan

Two corpses are lying
on a kitchen shelf
one is of a chicken
and one is of a deer
the cook comes
washes them
cuts them in pieces
and cooks them like dishes
but among the eaters
nobody even thinks
that they are eating corpses
corpses are corpses
whether of humans or animals
and a killer is a killer
whether of humans or animals

“What was my fault?”
             By Gurleen Insan

Oh human, what was my fault?
for which I was shot
just for your tongue’s taste
pieces of my body, you made
I was struggling for life
but you were laughing at your vice
served on plate like a dish
tell me human, where did your humanity vanish?
if you feel pain, I feel it too
If you have family, I have too
when will this cruelty end?
oh human, you were supposed to be my friend
not a killer who took my life
because I also wanted to stay alive

- Gurleen Insan is an aspiring writer, born in India and currently living in Canada where she works as an Administrative Assistant in a law office. She aims to prevent animals’ exploitation with her writings and with her volunteer works with Dera Sacha Sauda, a non-profit organization.
Gurleen has been an active volunteer with Dera Sacha Sauda since a young age, dedicating herself to various welfare initiatives started by the organization. She is determined to make a lasting impact on animal rights through her words and actions.

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