We post here morsels from the Vegetarian Advocate (1848) and the Vegetarian Messenger (1851-1859), though other bites will be included. These are short sound or video recordings. Links active at time of posting.

"Veganism is a Scam." Video.

Master Thich Nhat Hanh, "Why Everyone Should Be Vegan." Video.

Speak the Word - Lyrics and Music by Vaneshran Arumugam. Music.

Vegetarian Advocate, "London, D.G." Audio

A Plea for Vegetarianism and Other Essays (1886), by Henry Salt. Book. Audio.

From John Yunker at Ashland Creek Press, Veganish. Video.

Vegetarian Advocate, "Punch." Audio.

Animal memorial photography by Dr. Amanda Stronza. Video.

Isabel Rimanoczy's Sustainability Mindset Principles. Video.

Vegetarian Movement, "1847 Conference." Audio.

Joaquin Phoenix reflects on rescuing a mother cow and her infant. Video.

Charles Darwin on the importance of worms. Video.

Vegetarian Movement, "Deaths of Wilson and Wright." Audio.

GUNDA, a film by Victor Kosakovsky. Trailer. Video.

Animal behavior expert and author Dr. Jennifer Verdolin interviewed Gregory Tague on the subject of his book, An Ape Ethic. Listen here

Vegetarian Messenger, "Ox and Bull." Audio.

Animal Morphing Friends by Karolina Jacks-Tague. Animation.

Vegetarian Messenger, "Sharp's Alley, London." Audio.

Veganism and Evolution. A talk by Gregory F. Tague sponsored by Earthsave Canada. Video.