What is literary veganism? It consists of writing by, for, and about vegans. Specifically, there are some PRINCIPLES we follow:

1. Animals should not be seen as a commodity or as food by humans;
2. Animals are not meant to be abused by humans;
3. Animals deserve their own rights as do humans;
4. All living creatures inhabit ecosystems and share a biosphere worth protecting.

Certainly these are radical ideas for some people. In fact, we don’t even like the word “animals” since it lumps together too many different species and is often used pejoratively by humans (e.g., he acts like an animal).

MISSION: To help promote veganism since by definition vegans live, as best they can, without hurting, harming, or persecuting animals either by eating them, experimenting on them, wearing their skins, or participating in practices that use animals for entertainment.

GOALS: To publish high-quality prose, fiction, and poetry on this site that is in line with our basic principles and mission.

We work on this venture purely as volunteers. Feeling generous? If you have a Paypal account and want to contribute to the cause, send some $ to ebibliotekos@gmail.com

Sister sites: Bibliotekos and ASEBL 

[21 December 2019; 3 February 2020; 30 April 2022]