15 June 2020. Plant Based Data. Explore the Best Research on the Benefits of a Plant-Based Lifestyle.  

9 May 2020. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: Meat is not essential.

30 April 2020. What if non-humans had a political voice? Joe Gray.

18 April 2020. Chickens do not suffer less than other animals.

15 April 2020. Professor Tague's book on apes as moral individuals because of their land ethic as ecological engineers makes Animal Rights Watch.

14 April 2020. "Our Cruel Treatment of Animals Led to the Coronavirus." Philosopher David Benatar.

4 April 2020. "Meat Kills" by philosopher Elisa Aaltola. And, "Factory Farms: A Hotspot for Emerging Pandemics."

2 April 2020. "New research suggests industrial livestock, not wet markets, might be the origin of Covid 19." HERE.

2 April 2020. Dr. Michael W. Fox on what the corona virus is telling us: "Continuing to consume animals as a basic food-source, marketing ever more vaccines and having ever more children, the rich and poor alike will be subject to the indiscriminate justice of natural law until we all abide in greater harmony with other species as well as with each other."

15 March 2020. VOX Coronavirus video.

14 March 2020. Professor Tague is interviewed by Mark Bekoff in Psychology Today.

12 March 2020. Your coronavirus comes from exploiting, slaughtering, and eating animals. Face it. Gene Baur.

11 March 2020. Vegan athletes. Yep. Other famous vegans.

8 March 2020. "The Hidden Biases that Drive Anti-Vegan Hatred." BBC.

23 February 2020. Marc Bekoff and Eva Meijer talk about animal languages, HERE.

23 February 2020. An Ape Ethic and the Question of Personhood. New monograph by Professor Tague. Subjects: Environmental Ethics and Animal Studies. Available 15 April 2020. Pre-order at publisher's site, HERE.

2 February 2020. "Stop Treating Animals as 'Invaders' for Simply Trying to Exist." Jeff Sebo and Marina Bolotnikova. 

30 June 2020. Killing is not the answer. Representative Max Rose says he advocates killing deer in the highly populated NYC borough of Staten Island. 

30 January 2020. Some sites of interest. E.O. Wilson's Biodiversity Foundation. Animal rights and bioethics philosopher Jessica Pierce.

17 January 2020. Did you know that cows talk to each other about how they feel? Video of Ph.D. researcher Alexandra Green Here. And by conservation biologist Marc Bekoff Here.

11 January 2020. The Story of Jimmy. A video from August 2019.

7 January 2020. Actor Joaquin Phoenix on why he's vegan. Here.

7 January 2020. Here's an essay by John Kinsella about being a vegan for three decades - appears in The Conversation.

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