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Impact factor is measured in academic journals by how often any given article is cited. What about those in the arts and humanities? We received an email from a reader of Literary Veganism who says: “I read a story on this site about a cow called Daisy and it affected me so deeply that I have stopped eating meat, so your page is doing some good for the animals out there.” That sounds like impact to us.

As you know from our submission guidelines we like to hear from authors by query. We don't use any impersonal submissions manager. “I've never known of a literary mag that wants to get to know a writer first, before reading their work. I love it.” Victoria Mack

When we first started sharing announcements on social media about Literary Veganism, one commentator bluntly asked, “Is this a joke?” Based on the overwhelmingly positive response we've received from contributors and readers, the answer to that question is obviously “No.”

From a reader: “I didn't know about this and it's really amazing.”

From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate and admire the work that has been published in Literary Veganism, as well as your work as the editor to bring exposure to vegan writers, vegan values, and animal stories.Hana Wisnuardi

What's the word? Is it veganism? Is it kindness? Is it love? You decide. Speak the word! Music and lyrics by Vaneshran Arumugam posted on our Media page.

Literary Veganism was conceived in Brooklyn, N.Y. and operated from there until 30 June 2022. We are now working out of Chapel Hill, N.C.