RESOURCES for your consideration. We are not soliciting for or promoting any products or services.

Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere at Stanford University. “Responding to the Human predicament. Reducing the threat of a shattering collapse of civilization.” 

Earthsave Canada “Save the earth one bite at a time.”

Vegan Society. “One world. Many lives. Our choice.”

American Vegan Society. “Ahimsa lights the way.”

Vegan Outreach. “Violence toward animals is happening now. And you can help stop it.”

Ashland Creek Press, vegan publisher, “Changing the World One Book at a Time.”

Marc Bekoff, Ph.D. "Animal minds, compassionate conservation, animal protection."

Art Behind Bars, Marc Bekoff. “Animal behavior, conservation, and humane education.” 

Clare Mann, Vegan Psychologist and author of Vystopia

This list might be periodically updated. 1/12/20