Submissions open and considered on a rolling basis...

For this online journal, we are looking for high-quality poetry, fiction, and perhaps creative nonfiction addressing the many aspects of veganism – whether animal rights, a changing climate, social attitudes, cultural differences, or food/eating. When you become vegan you look at everything in the world differently. Write about that. Surprise us.

We will accept all genres except purely academic writing. For poetry, our preferred genre, please note that unusual layouts are difficult to transfer to the webpage, so simply use left justification if possible. Long lines can also be problematic when transferred to a media screen. For prose, we prefer shorter pieces (since it’s easier for online reading). 

You do not have to be a vegan to submit. We are looking for animal and environmentally friendly writing.

Before submission, please query the editor, Gregory F. Tague, Ph.D., at with “Lit Vegan” in the subject line. Tell us a little about yourself. Suspicious emails will be automatically deleted, and no unsolicited attachments are ever opened. 

General Information/Guidelines

If you submit poetry, please submit no more than three short poems. Any submission of multiple poems should be made as one document. We prefer literary fiction, but are interested in all genres, including the short literary essay. Prose should be on the shorter rather than on the longer side. Good writing is a long process of re-writing and revision: send in finished work. This means no changes after publication. Include a very short bio or authors statement as part of your Word attachment if, after a query, submission by us is invited.

We publish in English, so submit in that language only, though exceptions might be made. To understand the writing we prefer, please look at Being Human or Puzzles of Faith and Patterns of Doubt, our two most recent Bibliotekos literary anthologies and for which we were highly selective. You can read up to twenty percent on Amazon using the Look Inside feature.

Please query the publisher at: before submitting. We prefer to hear from you first; and then if we are interested, we will invite you to submit (and after careful consideration we will make a decision regarding acceptance/publication).


Query First: - That’s the first step so we get a sense of who you are. Thereafter, if we invite you to submit, follow the instructions below, though an invitation to submit is not a guarantee of acceptance.  Please have a clear subject line (Lit Vegan); any suspicious emails will be deleted.

If after your query we invite you to submit, the submission must be compact fiction, micro drama, or a cluster of a few short poems. Send the text as one Word attachment including a short bio to – only after you have been invited to do so. 

We are not in the business of re-hashing work, so please do not submit work that has already been published elsewhere. Of course there might be exceptions.

If you submit something already published you must hold the copyright and have permission to re-publish; attribution to the original journal will be noted (and thus we’d need the journal name and date of publication). In most cases, authors hold rights to their work after it has been published in a small literary magazine or journal; you might not hold such rights if your work was published in a newspaper, large national journal, or a book. Check first, or better yet, get written permission for publication by Literary Veganism from the original publisher. If there is any question about copyright ownership, we will not publish.

We like short fiction with a good story line and sympathetic characters. Do not use real names of real people; we cannot be responsible for any action that might subsequently occur from your revealing, without permission, true identities. We prefer concretely imagistic and not abstract poetry.

There should be no pagination, no headers, no footers, no end notes, and no images in your text (unless we've discussed it). Please make sure that your work has a title. If invited to submit, attach a Word document with Times New Roman font, 12 pitch, single-spaced and include a bio.

We will not publish more than three separate postings (URLs) by any author.

Terms: By the act of submitting work, the contributor agrees that, on acceptance, Literary Veganism acquires one-time and non-exclusive publication rights. That is, rights revert to the creator of the work upon publication, with the usual exception of some acknowledgement given to Literary Veganism. Work published on the site or related sites will have its own URL and remain on the web as long as the site is live.

We do all of this work on a volunteer basis while maintaining full-time employment. We receive no compensation, and, as you can see, have no advertisements on the website. Therefore, authors are not paid, either.

Contact/Query us at:  with a clear subject line.

[This page is periodically updated. Last update 5 April 2024]