Poetry by Terry Trowbridge

             By Terry Trowbridge

One unexpected golden lettuce flower
bolting in false dandelion pride
over greens gone bitter
now attracts honeybees to its mane
of September sunlit surprise pomp

- Terry Trowbridge’s poems have appeared in The New QuarterlyCarouselDalhousie ReviewLascaux ReviewKolkata Arts, Leere MitteuntetheredSnakeskin PoetryQuail BellNashwaak ReviewOrbisLiterary Yard, Gray SparrowCV2Brittle StarBombfireAmerican Mathematical MonthlyMathematical IntelligencerJournal of Humanistic MathematicsBeatnik CowboyPPPSynchronized ChaosNew Verse NewsSiren's CallBorderlessLiterary Veganism, and more. His lit crit has appeared in CJFYBeZineAmsterdam ReviewArielBritish Columbia ReviewHamilton Arts & LettersEpistemeStudies in Social JusticeRampike, and The /t3mz/ Review. Terry is grateful to the Ontario Arts Council for his first writing grant, and their support of so many other writers during the polycrisis.

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