Flash Fiction by Victor Bondar

“Cerulean Beauty”
             By Victor Bondar

It was love at first sniff. He was a rescue mutt and she a pedigreed Angora cat, but he knew she was the one the minute he caught a waft of her scent. She lay on the porch of the corner Tudor and paid no attention to him, her cerulean eyes fixated on some object on the front lawn, her silky, white coat shimmering in the morning sun. He shook his head to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. All his life he fantasized about a moment like this. He always knew that magic was possible if someone truly believed.

She lost interest in whatever she was looking at, got up, and stretched her lithe body with the grace of a queen getting out of bed in the morning. He became acutely aware of the bold patch on his belly and the color clash between the right and the left sides of his body.

Bad time for negativity, he told himself and darted to his house, to the dark, cold basement where he kept his treasure. Already, anticipation of his triumph wet his mouth. He stuck out his tongue to control drooling, squeezed his muzzle into a narrow space between a metal box and a wall, and retrieved his treasure. No living creature can resist the taste of jerk-spiced ox bone. He’d present the supreme delicacy to the lady to show her his devotion and make her feel loved.

He froze, overcome with joy he had only experienced as a puppy, on the day he played with his human in the endless body of salt water. His heart filled with perpetual bliss, as it did back then, when he floated with his human at the mercy of the waves, in the state of weightlessness.

But who needs water when you can levitate? To his destiny he flew, carried on the wings of love.

- Victor Bondar writes in a variety of genres. His short stories appeared in Every Day Fiction, Free Spirit, Culture Cult, and 50 Give Or Take, among others. He lives in Cherry Hill, NJ with his wife and two dogs.

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