Poetry by Jeff Williams

“I am King”
             By Jeff Williams

As I sit here, I’m craving my pizza pepperoni.
With no thought to life that’s imprisoned and lonely.
I say it’s my RIGHT!
I am human I’ll fight!
To eat slaughtered beings with no end in sight.

Why not? Look at me!
I’m a human, WE are KING!
I eat what I want and who cares for the being?
We take what we want, and we don’t give a thought,
To the horrible habits we all have been taught.
As I savor my cheese with silent disease,
A calf is removed from its mother with ease.
As it cries out for days, missing mom and her whey,
I savor my cheese without conscience each day.
Who cares for a life that’s abused, sick, and taken?
As long as I’m full on my steak, cheese, and bacon!
We humans decide on just what lives and dies,
Can you pass me that cheese dip, that burger, those fries?

I’ve blood on my hands, and I don’t give a damn.
That being that died gave me pork chops and ham.
As long as I’m full then the torture is fine,
I don’t even know of the gas rooms for swine.
They squeal and they cry as they burn from inside,
Can you pass me that bacon, that pork chop and fries?
I love animals too! I have dogs and a cat!
But chop up that cow, give me steak and more fat!
That’s just how things are so why should I change?
I lived my whole life without taking the blame.
It’s how I was raised and so that’s how it is,
I’ll never consider the soul of a pig.

Some are for food, and some are for pets!
So please don’t concern me, your words I detest.
I get to choose who are pets and are food,
I do not have time to debate this with you.
You’re bringing me down with your nonsense and lies,
Can someone please pass me that burger and fries?

I don’t give a damn for the food that I eat!
As long as I get all my dairy and meat!
Who cares of destruction to mother earths land,
her creatures, her air, or her trees and her sand.
I want what I want, I’m human, I’m man!
Who cares about our Mother Earth and her land?

20 years later...

As I lay on the bed of the ER in dread,
I can’t help but wonder the life I have led.
Doc says my heart, and my veins, and carotid,
Are damaged and blocked from my eating the slaughtered.
I wish I’d have cared just a little bit more,
for the beautiful beings that the Earth has adorned.

Now it’s too late as I lay here and cry,
I should have stopped eating those burgers and fries.
The destruction I caused to those lives and my own,
has come back to haunt my old broken Kings’ Throne.
Karmas not real that’s just something we say,
As I sit here and pray, and I pray, and I pray....

- Jeff Williams is an environmental and animal welfare advocate who lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife Soraya. Jeff has an educational background in Environmental and Natural Sciences with a passion for environmental sustainability and animal care. When he is not working, Jeff enjoys nature, hiking, camping, traveling, live music, and art. He strives to make real change in the world in any way possible, no matter how big or small, with special attention to improving the way animals are treated in society.

Copyright©2023 by Jeff Williams. All Rights Reserved.