Poetry by Silke Feltz

“What If?”
             By Silke Feltz

What if I help create the world I want to live in?
What if I’m for once brave and voice my dissent?
What if I demand you treat me with respect and
with the kindness I offer you every day?
What if I tell my partner he needs to love me harder
because I deserve to be loved like there’s no tomorrow?
What if I refuse to eat animals?
What if I don’t stop fighting for my own happiness,
no matter how many obstacles I meet along the way?
What if I choose not only what feels right but what’s just?
What if I save a struggling ant in my kitchen sink from drowning?
What if I refuse to eat pain on my plate?
What if I understand that I’m enough, no matter what?
What if my love feels so big, I might burst?
What if I become vegan?

- Silke Feltz is an Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of Oklahoma. As a vegan rhetorician, she studies food ethics. Her poetry has been published in Drunk Monkeys, Peeking Cat Poetry Anthology, Literary Veganism, and Writer: Craft & Context. In her spare time, Silke directs StreetKnits, a humanitarian knitting charity that provides knitwear to the homeless.

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