Poetry by Robert R. Bradley, Jr.

“Blood on an Elephant Tusk”
             By Robert R. Bradley, Jr.

Big grey friend walking linked with your family tail to nose
This family love shows
Eating peanuts from my hand
In this magical and peaceful land
Ain’t this sanctuary so grand
See the buzzards gather in the land of the dark continent
I Hear the sound of silence
No thundering walks
No holding nose to tail
There is a death smell
Through the clearing I could see the desecration
So much blood
These gentle mammoths were no more
On their side in an unforgiving sun
Bloated with maggots
I lost my breath
And my ability to speak
I threw up my disgust at being human
And I sat in the dirt and cried
My innocence had finally died
My illusions of decency having been stolen
Just as the great grey’s bloody tusk
We poured gasoline on greatness and watched it burn at dusk
Think of this as you covet your ivory tusk

- Robert R. Bradley, Jr., (The Poetry Dude), LCSW, LSAPT, 56 years old from Virginia. He is a published Author and Resides in Virginia of The United States of America. He has one son and is a therapist assigned to military service members and their families. He has 25 years post license experience. Former Counselor of Virginia, top Business leaders in Virginia, has held more than 25 credentials in counseling capacity. His passions are an Angel from Kashmir and his two dogs, Tucker and Stella, his family, helping people, all things nature, all things art, and writing poetry. In his book, Cut From the Same Cloth, the author pays homage to and praises his grandfather, Lonus Estil Gibbs, 1899-1979. 

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