Poems by James T. Stemmle

“Our Old Cat”
             By James T. Stemmle

our old cat is about to die
at least we hope so
when we clean his mess

he is a good old cat
apart from the smell
we are old too
we can relate

but you have to wonder
about pets

do they remind us
we live among animals
in a biosphere of a small planet
with other living things
stink bugs and the like

and we are animals too
making our own stink

the pet knows what to do
without much self awareness
whatever his body tells him

and buried in his DNA
comes behaviors that endear
as if the creator decreed
via some rivulet of evolution
you will be a companion
to a higher species
and your survival
depends on endearment

“Proof of Concept”
             By James T. Stemmle

ant was not meant to be alone
and independent but rather
part of a community part of

the whole and now a beautiful
perfect ant scurries into my
attention antennae quivering

hyperactive on a mission to
investigate the universe and
publish its findings pheromon

ally for the benefit of the
whole community alas most
excursions fail but enough

succeed that ant communities
thrive and what god pushing
evolution created and saw

was good he did not need to
reinvent for humankind

             By James T. Stemmle

forehead pressed to the earth in
submission or a dog wagging both
ritual I will be your dog and you will
be my people but I still get to be a
dog is that righteous or is something

closer to partners better sitting side by
side watching the river companion
colleague slave dog we the image and
likeness who did not create the heavens
and the earth but are somehow involved

in that process being the most highly
evolved in our little corner of the galaxy
and did I mention prophets raised up from
our midst what is the right relationship
and how do we name it ritualize our

way into harmony with the music of
the spheres so to bring happiness the
dog cannot understand its human nor
the human its god what is the human
equivalent to tail wagging curious

minds want to know who are born
needing to bond with god that evolving
into our nature not able to survive in
the wild like dogs god has sanctified
us we have civilized dogs adopted

them made them part of the family we
have taken to sitting with our dyslexic
dog at the water’s edge watching alert for
insight endeavoring to be aware of what is
happening in the heavens and the earth

- James T. Stemmle is an old man, currently living retirement in WV with his wife. He has 3 grown kids and six grandkids. He writes poetry during morning meditations. He had a Federal Government career mostly with EPA, earned a doctorate from Catholic U in Chemistry, and was born in Louisville, KY.

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