Artwork by Claudia Strepp

Clauds is a creative master at heart.

Former German model turned published National Geographic photographer and multimedia artist, she uses canvas and photography as her medium to interpret wildlife in its natural form. After living in Nevada amongst the wild Pryor Mountain Mustangs for six months, she fell in love with these incredible animals who are suffering tremendously because of the lack of awareness, funding, and protection. Because of her unwavering compassion for all animals, Clauds established her commitment to the beautiful wildlife across the globe by creating Habitat, a collection of several unique oil paintings that convey everything related to our Habitat, the planet, the animals, ideas of freedom to roam this planet with the focus on wildlife. The launch of Habitat will be announced shortly.

Currently Clauds focuses on wild horses, in particular the American Mustang. The American Mustang is being pushed from public land due to livestock grazing and Bureau of Land Management priorities. 

Clauds’ goal through the Habitat campaign is to bring awareness and visibility to endangered animals with the renewed hope that one day they can roam freely and in peace in their natural habitat. In tandem with the paintings and photographs, Clauds has launched her own non-profit, 7 Wild Horses, which seeks to support the wild horses through purchasing land to roam freely as complete herds.


The image shown is from the Crow Chronicles Series, named Awaiting What May Come.

Crows are mythological creatures and are important animals in many cultures. This bird serves also a symbol of transformation and in some culture is viewed as a time bending magician. The Crow Chronicles focus on the narrative of our inherent connection with animals, particularly the crow, as fellow travelers. The time bending crow can travel through all ages and remind us of this inner bond.


Artwork/Image and Text Copyright©2021 by Claudia Strepp. All Rights Reserved.