Poems by Adrian Voss

 “Deeper Than Thought”
             By Adrian Voss

Sensory overload
Cruelty feeds a mind-numbing breed

No animal other than one…

Shoppers discriminate in the marketplace
A carcass with a defect in the mechanism’s uptake
Internal pain realized
PSS unattractive to consumers
Measured pork triggered by stress
Sudden death after transport
Spirit unrecognized
Courage is found in the shadow
In contrast with the collective sociopath

No animal other than one…

Calls killing necessary slaughter to suit their needs
Over identification with form instead of ethereal body
Far too many subjugated pillars for despotism
Suffering as an untouchable caste
Hearts hurt giving birth in a place that respects only gain
Impounded externally by bars and loss
Apples, oranges, figs, and jackfruit mention
There is dimension deeper than thought
They want us to change the stories we tell ourselves

No animal other than one…

Hoards honesty, amnesty
And has lost feeling for nature
Diagrams entities as parts
Tenderloin, spare rib
In forthcoming years, we will look back
On what we did
Needs toward the more cultured
Lab-grown, alternatives

A shift in consciousness from a downtrodden plot:
the broken yolk, in a yoke
We are the same,
Sustainable growth.

“A Carnivore Awakening”
             By Adrian Voss

Deliberate universe
we are it
pretending to be a _____________.
An absent black moon
a carnivore awakening

social distancing is valuable
a ruse
adherence to the collective perception

             (interpretations of the comforts of (personal)) space.

             the church, the temple, the sanctuary, the synagogue,
the mosque, the pagoda, the gate, the abattoir

(there are more words for the same thing): within

psychological death
             a surrendered state
the win
                          in every situation
even in trauma
             and sticky situations
                                       uncovering the eat or be eaten
                                                    some things are harder to admit
avoidance in the form of control
                                                     secrets have an audience.

- Adrian Voss is a vegan writer, artist, and teacher. She enjoys experimenting with prose and poetry while exploring the conscious silence connected with the self and the collective. She strives to bring life elements to the surface, grounding the reader in surreal motion to push past dense boundaries and shine the light on the eternal within us all. www.adrianvoss.com

Copyright©2021 by Adrian Voss. All Rights Reserved.