Poetry by Georgia Rose Phillips

“After Disgrace
             by Georgia Rose Phillips

Like all things, it ends in surrender.
The Merciful Woman and the last
stray, coming in for the slaughter.
The body-bag rustles and glints
at a death whose frequency has
rendered it copacetic.
His ears tilt in understanding.
She liquidates the mutt and his trust
with the quick prick of a needle.
A prescriptive-calm envelopes.
She releases him from a life bound
to a villain Disney would patent
and boardrooms would promote.
As the warmth of life drains,
the dialogue pales into a stale intransigence.
‘Are you giving him up?’, she asks,
‘Yes, I’m giving him up’, he says—
like there was something more to
be given up than the disgrace of a violence
that’s become factory-farm automated.

- Georgia is an award-winning writer who publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry and scholarship. She works as a Lecturer, Creative Writing at The University of Adelaide. In 2018, her creative non-fiction novella, ‘Holocene’, was runner-up for the Scribe Non-fiction Literary Prize. In 2021, her short story, ‘New Balance’, was a fiction winner in the Ultimo Literary Prize. In 2022, her short story, ‘Beyond the Marram Grass’, was a shortlisted finalist in the American Association of Australasian Literary Studies (AAALS) Prize. Her debut novel, The Bearcat, is forthcoming with Picador in 2024. She is currently working on a book length collection of poems, The Languid Hours, and her second novel, The Aesthete. Read more about Georgia Rose Phillips at her website, Here.

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