Poetry by Tonia Kalouria

“The Empathy Path”
             By Tonia Kalouria

On park’s pathway, gritty, dirty,
flailing, failing, not so pretty,
on that molten, busy dirt-way,
lay a dying slug and bee.

On said pathway, gritty, dirty,
walking, jogging, oh so pretty,
on her route, that busy work-day,
suddenly — “Belle” takes a knee ….

Belle bends and kneels. The gentle lass
then moves the duo to safe grass:
cool and green secluded “cave”
—Away from foot-falls’ bloody grave.

- Tonia Kalouria is a former soap actress and Spanish teacher enjoying retirement in quaint Chagrin Falls, OH. She has poems in Classical Poets Society, LightenUp!, The 5/2 Crime Poetry, 6 Anthologies, Tigershark, Asses of Parnassus, The Whiskey Blot, Nothing Ever Happens in Fox Hollow and Literary Veganism.

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