Flash Fiction by Dené Breakfield

“Lina, Before and After”
             By Dené Breakfield

While classmates hunched over their dissecting trays, dutifully slicing open pale bellies, unpacking and labeling guts, Lina faked it, carved nervous circles around the frog’s body with her scalpel and pictured him alive, basking eyeballs-deep in warm mud. The image made her head throb and shook loose an impulse.


She tucked him inside her backpack and turned them both into fugitives.


They ended up at a creek bank shaded by giant cottonwoods. She held him against her chest and waded in knee deep, her heart drumming a eulogy.


As the current took him downstream, she stood shivering, standing watch until he disappeared beneath the delicate mist that graced the water’s surface.


- Vegan writer Dené Breakfield’s work has appeared in cold-drill, Nebo, Writers in the Attic, Rectangle, Fiction 101, Plays magazine, and elsewhere.


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