Poetry by Tonia Kalouria

“Vegan Vengenace”
             By Tonia Kalouria

I knew that the day had to come,
though I’d hoped to be old, and not young.
Some would call it A Moment of Truth —
(Like being Vegan is subject to proof!)

A huge-bodied, multi-legged bug
Went scampering across my jute rug.
Thus, for worse, (or maybe for best,)
My “Mettle” got put to The Test ….


No time to don the Hazmat suit, gloves,
Helmet, goggles, mask or boot!
“PLAN B,” though, was :The stocked valise:
Dread Arsenal Cache for “Catch/Release.”

I  utilized tool after tool,
But Bug was swift; my means uncruel.
And patience, too, was wearing out
When . . .  HA! . . . I cried my victory shout!

Now, multi-leg-ged scamp’s not snug,
But happy outdoors — sans my rug.
A “win” it was for me and Bug:
One Creature, spared; one Vegan, smug.

- Tonia Kalouria is an Ohio poet who prefers to rhyme her thoughts. Her poems can be found in six anthologies, including Quoth the Raven. She is a Contributor to Maturity Journal, and has poems in Lighten Up!, Nothing Ever Happens in Fox Hollow,  Classical Poets Society, The 5/2 Crime Poetry Weekly, Tigershark, The Whisky Blot, Asses of Parnassus and Failed Haiku.

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