Poetry by Nate Hicks

             By Nate Hicks

Haphazardly creating.
Artists of madness 
Careful at first 
Soon reckless and wild.

My brothers and sisters 
Birthed like sketches 
Quick and lighthearted 
For now. 

Cages so tight 
Bound like Moleskine 
Never to know 
Never to learn. 

Air holes above me 
Light floods the scene 
The only kindness 
Shines on your creation. 

Gnarled and sinewy 
Awkward and unamused 
I stumble out 
And you erase me.

- Nathan Hicks has been vegan for nearly 10 years and lives in Vermont, near the Canadian border. He works as a web developer and dabbles in all art forms, but seldom gets a chance to write anymore. This poem is one of the first he wrote geared toward veganism, written a few months after visiting a slaughterhouse. Nate originally became vegan to increase his health and athletic performance, but soon after started learning about the pain and suffering animals endure daily and furthermore, the strain it’s all having on our planet’s climate and balance. With his health and fitness at an all-time peak, and his drive to keep all animals safe, Nate doesn’t see his lifestyle changing anytime soon.

Copyright©2022 by Nathan Hicks. All Rights Reserved.