Earth Day Poems by Munia Abdulla, Aryan Malik, and AnnaMaria Leal

Editor’s Note. Working with the department of Literature, Writing and Publishing at St. Francis College, Brooklyn, N.Y., Literary Veganism ran an Earth Day writing contest. We are happy to announce and publish the winning submissions here.

“The Wind’s Embrace”
             By Munia Abdulla

The cool breeze of the wind
Caressed and embraced me
Held me in its arms while the seasons changed

Spring, summer, fall, and winter
No matter the changes around me
The cool breeze of the wind always found its way back to me

Surrounded by nothing, but other trees
We see the changes happening to us
From our leaves changing color to them falling
Covering the ground with the leaves of our past
That leave us vulnerable and bare

And despite the breeze being cool
The embrace of the wind is warm.

- Munia Abdulla is a second-year student at St. Francis College majoring in English. Munia chose to major in English not only to learn more about the history of literature, but also to understand it on a much deeper level. Munia enjoys reading and writing short poems or plots to books that she hopes to write and publish in the future.

Copyright©2022 by Munia Abdulla. All Rights Reserved.

“Mother Nature’s Cry”
             By Aryan Malik

And here we are, planted upon the Earth’s surface like
flourishing petals nurtured by the soil beneath our path.
Air inspires new growth within as we feast upon the pleasures
that quell our hunger at nature’s expense. We’re inhabitants of a
world that showed grace to our survival, embracing our presence
as a prodigal family returning to its arms. But humanity is callous in
its appreciation of earth’s kindness, returning its love with that of cruelty.
Stripping pastures to appease our need for greed, erecting monuments
that poison the ground upon which they stand.
Once lush, now vast barren lands echo the sorrow of a dying earth.
Animals lingering void of a place to call home, cast out by the selfish desires
of our exploration. Take and take, while the earth continues to break,
oh how those given shelter now are the ones to forsake. Pollution destroys
vegetation in acres, what once smiled of serenity now tainted with the
miasma of our careless actions. Yet still in the face of our abusive decisions,
our lives have been given a chance of redemption. It’s only united can we exact
change to what we’ve created, and revert this world to one clean of toxicity,
not only for a land that saved us from our plight, but for ourselves
and our loved ones that will journey into the future. Earth Day
is this celebration of advocating for betterment. A people realizing
the error of our ways, intent on restoration of earth’s bliss,
so we all can live in harmony and exist. But it takes more than thought
to make it count, but actions that reflect the truth of our hearts.
Being mindful of our wastage, let recycling be our friend, embrace
conservation of energy as a trend. A flick of the switch when lights
aren’t in use, is a choice that we as a society should choose. A turn of
the tap to save a water’s drip, can extend resources and make us better
equipped, to find longevity alongside earth’s law, realizing tranquility
as it was before. Be appreciative of what we all have to share,
let’s show the earth that we truly care. For the sake of the ecosystem
let our actions combine, and restore the earth’s beauty and health over time.

- Aryan Malik is an international student from New Delhi, India, enrolled in the Nursing program at St. Francis College in New York. As Secretary of the Amnesty International-SFC Chapter, he has had the chance to interact and collaborate with numerous environmentalists who are campaigning for the protection of the Earth. Mr. Malik’s goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner and advocate for cleaner energy sources in patient care settings. The impact of climate change on healthcare systems is enormous, and it is critical to address issues that threaten natural processes.

Copyright©2022 By Aryan Malik. All Rights Reserved.

“As Each Petal Drops”
             By AnnaMaria Leal

As each day passes a new petal drops.

A reminder of the looming doomsday that quickly approaches humankind.

However, unlike the stories we grew up reading we had the power in our hands to prevent this one from coming.

A chance to stop burning a hole in our ozone layer,

Or to stop dumping harmful chemicals in our once pure water sources,

The opportunity to preserve the lives of animals on the verge of extinction,

And yet despite the warning cries, the destruction continues.

So now with each tree that is cut, every water bottle that is open, the next gas guzzler to come driving by, be sure to listen for the sound of the last petal to drop. For it is then when our world will come to an end.

- AnnaMaria Leal, is a graduate student at St. Francis College studying Psychology and double minoring in Spanish and Women & Gender Studies. When she isn’t studying you can find her photographing what she loves most, concerts, or searching for the inspiration of her next poem. 

Copyright©2022 By AnnaMaria Leal. All Rights Reserved.