Science Fiction by Anthony Crain

“Sol System Floraverse Restoration”
             By Anthony Crain

It is the year 2100 and Earth has begun evolutionary advancement on an epic scale. Intergalactic federations have begun to take notice of the changes occurring on Earth. Earth with its inhabitants realized the means to save their planet was dietary. Earth’s citizens had coincidentally begun their major dietary overhaul around 2020. The evidence that a vegan diet would save the world and promote the greatest health and longevity of its populace was irrefutable and the years between 2020 and 2100 saw the world become lush. Animals, people, and flora developed highly mutualistic relationships that benefited all positively. Lifespans increased dramatically. The mythological garden of Eden began to be restored. Technology became more akin to biotech where living flora began to effectively serve as housing, nourishment, medicine, and entertainment. Longevity increased and people were healthier mentally and physically due to ecosystem created chemicals that flora produce called phytoncides that reduce inflammation in the human body and revive and refresh. Evidence for this reached a critical mass by 2020 and due to the crime preventing ability of phytoncide treatment and health promotion of vegan diets gardens, fruit forests, other edible ecosystems and phytoncide forests were created nation and worldwide.

All streets were lined with trees and community gardens were grown in every neighborhood. As vegan diets became more widespread the advancement of floratech became more pronounced and the very streets themselves became flora based. Then the buildings themselves. Arborsmithing, which was initially more of a novelty, became a highly scientific advanced biotech. Through advancements that were initiated by the FabTreeHab or fabricated tree habitat housing began to become more biotically responsive to people’s needs where one had only think her wishes and the godlike living flora buildings would offer. As more time and effort was focused on the positive attributes of flora new adaptations and flora attributes began to materialize. Living leaf bio-glue was created that could allow leaf tents to offer temporary shelter. As adoption of plant based diets became pronounced so too did an Eden like environment as all research and development was focused on the mutualistic evolution of flora and fauna.

A miracle would also take place that occurred at greater frequencies. What first started as a pitcher plant showing up for nourishment for a brief second began to be more encompassing. Entire vast living flora structures were seen to miraculously show up and previously built-environment buildings transformed into living flora buildings for however brief a time. Pitcher plants also stayed for longer durations and with more frequency. And higher vibration entities would visit earthlings, commune, and share drinks. As intergalactic societies began to feel more comfortable with humanity’s compassionate choices they began to offer their floratech as well to help create an environment that they too could explore. The seas were Earth’s greatest untapped resource and with the rise of veganism algae, seagrass, and kelp were being grown on massive scales. Every beach had mangroves restored and seagrass beds grown with giant kelp forests to explore. Sapient sea life began to create cognizant kelp island floating structures that could shelter from sun and storm while also providing drink or sea fruit. Some of these complexes were highly advanced spanning hundreds of miles composed of 351 mile-in-diameter giant lily pads with living flora structures above and below.

Bioluminescent algae began to colonize even the deep. Life was returning to Earth and earthlings were more and more frequently allowed off world to explore vast norwood complexes, lush planets, Dyson trees, and travel in small moon sized treeships. Life was found to be abundant in the universe but it had been hiding because of our past behaviour. As humanity began to realize its true potential evolutionary abilities that had apparently lain dormant began to resurface. The young that hadn’t eaten fish were able to develop gills at will to swim. Young that hadn’t eaten birds could develop wings at will to fly. As our collective societies began to respect every type of mind honoring neurodiversity our very planet began to become more intelligent and the entire planet itself was allowed to visit new places in the galaxy.

It seems the golden rule of having others do unto you as you would have them do unto you held true to unimaginable degrees. The earth began to worship chlorophyll with related structures as a kind of creator as it was shown to sustain all life with our greatest potential for immortality.

Galactic empires began to look at earthlings as less a threat and vast societies began to introduce themselves and share some of their access to the larger floraverse and fungiverse. The future held boundless potential. Even the other planets of our solar system began to respond to Earth people’s actions. They began to become lush by some miraculous transformation. People began to develop or redevelop the means to move about at the speed of thought. As Earth began to recover the solar system began to teem with life. Our simple dietary choice of plant based created our means of accessing a living biotic flora universe.

- Anthony Crain’s author statement: I am hoping to use this as a jumping off point to create a practical 3d map of Arborean & Botanical restoration in our solar system. The amount of restoration I think would be vast with incredible complexity. I am hoping for a great deal of help to initiate & sustain this project which can be further explored & elucidated on as things regrow. Visit the Living Flora Buildings site HERE.

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