Poetry by Tonia Kalouria

“The Amazing Conversion
         of Mr. Mantis”
                   By Tonia Kalouria

Buenas tardes, Mister Mantis.
What are you preying for?
Insectos deliciosos?
           “Oh, no! Not any more!”

“For yo estoy un VEGAN now,
and Pastor Mantis, too.
I pray all day for Paz y Amor,
and la carne I eschew!”

- Tonia Kalouria, a former Spanish teacher, also enjoys the word plays and sonorous sounds of rhyming poetry and her mission is to help restore it to the pre-Rodney Dangerfield-days when it "got respect."  Some of her work is currently in the Anthology Poems From the Lockdown, and the award-winning Quoth the Raven, Poe Anthology. Her dark humor poem "Heavy Metal Band, Iron Clad Contract"  appears in the July 15-20 issue of Fox Hollow Stories, and the wry "A Man and His Beard Are Never Alone" appears in issue 48 of Lighten Up Online.

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