Poems by Samantha Savello

“Invisible Feet”
            By Samantha Savello

The dog does not cry
When she steps on his tail
For he is used to it
And knows by now
That there is no use in whining.
Sometimes the cat
Will rise from the shadows of the barn
And meow quietly,
Distracting her until she leaves the dog alone.
But more often than not,
The dog lies there in the hay
Next to the empty horse stables,
Batting horse flies with his tail
And waiting for the heavy foot
To pin him down again.

“We Are Fine, Thank You”
            By Samantha Savello

We lived in a ravenous existence
Too hungry for our eyeballs to stay straight
For more than a few seconds
“Do you want food?” They would ask
“We have chicken parm, made fresh”
But we looked at the oozing cheese,
The flesh, burnt and breaded, 
And we laughed like half-baked hyenas,
Rubbing our ribs with our spiny paws,
And choosing instead to drink water
And inhale a few breaths of fresh dust.

“What I Wish I Was”
            By Samantha Savello

The rats are back
I’ve seen them
Large and hairy,
Scuttling across the bricks
Of the back alleyway
They are swift
Like tiny field mice
Whose dainty pitter-patter
Across the floorboards
Is more juvenile than it is jarring
But they are not field mice
They are rats
Huge, oversized vermin
The size of small cats 
Greedy for whatever
Delicacies the dumpsters may hold
Pizza crusts, rotting eggplant chunks,
Cheese a few days past the expiration date
The rat does not mind if the food has gone bad
For he is a monster, a scavenger
A vile creatine
And yet he is shameless.

- Samantha Savello is a Latinx poet living in the Boston area. She is a recent graduate from Brown University, where she studied Hispanic literature. She identifies as bisexual and uses the pronouns she/her.

Copyright©2020 by Samantha Savello. All Rights Reserved.