Ballad by Bradley Clacy

“No Excuse” 
          By Bradley Clacy 

Heaving stomachs, pustulating udders, 
crying, shrieking with a moo 
throats slit, bodies convulsing 
all of this to satisfy you. 

‘But this cannot be,’ you exclaim 
with blocked ears and half-shut eyes 
you will mutter any excuse 
to continue with your lies. 

Syringe full from the semen of a bull, 
a continuous cycle of rape 
milk production waning, her children dead 
for her there is no escape. 

‘But what about the circle of life?’ 
so we should kill just because we can? 
there’re plenty other options before us 
this isn’t the wild, you’re not a caveman. 

Like Jews of Auschwitz they’re nameless 
forced to file to their death 
branded sides like tattooed arms 
slaughtered, gassed, choking for breath. 

‘But we kill them humanely,’ 
and here is where the paradox lies 
a cognitive dissonance of the mind 
thinking murder humane is unwise. 

Chickens crammed in tiny cages, 
unable to turn around 
chopped beaks, broken bones, 
their male chicks sliced and ground. 

‘But, but, but—’ Silence! 
I have heard it all before 
nothing you say is new to me 
you kill for taste, nothing more. 

- Bradley Clacy is currently studying for a Masters in Creative Writing who’s in the process of drafting a screenplay with hopes of seeing it as a film. 

Copyright©2020 by Bradley Clacy. All Rights Reserved